lic. iur. Robin Grand


Robin Grand has over twenty-five years of experience as litigator acting before state courts and arbitral tribunals (both as party counsel and as arbitrator) and handles proceedings in administrative matters (e.g. proceedings before supervisory authorities such as the FINMA, mutual legal assistance in criminal and administrative matters). He regularly advises national and international clients in commercial law, contract law, company law, labor law, bankruptcy and white collar crime. 
Robin Grand (admitted to the bar in 1991) was a law clerk with the District Court of Zurich, and then an attorney with Reber, Niedermann and Hagmann. In 1999 he became a partner at Niedermann Rechtsanwälte, which in 2012 merged with Herzog & Gozzi. He holds an LL.M. from Marshall Wythe Law School at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, and is fluent in English, German and French.

Legal500 2020 (Litigation): „Robin Grand is a savvy and experienced litigator who knows the law and who is excellent in handling clients. He does not wrestle with the problem and issues, but solves them.“

Legal500 2021 (Litigation): „Robin Grand has a very broad experience as litigator and great skills to anticipate possible strategic scenarios and solutions.“

Legal500 2022 (Litigation): „Robin Grand is very experienced and highly responsive. He is proficient in a very broad range of business and banking law. As an active litigator, he knows how to provide clients with the best possible support in judicial and/or administrative proceedings.

Legal500 2023 (Litigation): „Robin Grand is a smart lawyer who knows the law, how to handle complex facts and issues efficiently, and the proceedings. He does not wrestle with problems and issues, but solves them. A truly outstanding litigator.“ „Robin Grand is outstanding, extremely responsive and has an excellent understanding of pragmatic solutions.“

Legal500 2024 (Litigation): „Outstanding.”

  • Chambers 2021 Europe & Global (Litigation): „Sources praise Robin for being able to get to the bottom of things, communicate well and make a powerful statement in courts and tribunals.“

    Chambers 2022 Europe & Global (Litigation): „He is trustworthy, he is pragmatic, serious and solid.“
  • Chambers 2023 Europe (Litigation): „Robin Grand is a highly experienced lawyer with a clear focus on practical solutions.“

Chambers 2024 Europe & Global (Litigation): „Robin Grand is an extremely practical and target-oriented lawyer.